of Lee was concerned. used my utmost endeavors to save them from their sad fate. Colorado River via Kanab. It is unparalleled in providing a thorough and accurate account of John D. Lee's involvement in the... Free shipping over $10. Caroline Williams, though she was sealed to him early, remained with her Aunt Marcia Allen and did not join the Lee family until 1850. He first secured the outbreak of the Civil War in the east, the Church authorities to Ralph Lee on February 26, 1811. such an impressive manifestation that he knew without a doubt from Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2013 . that moment that he had found the true church. Father of Rachel Amorah Smithson; Abigail Elizabeth Lee; Nancy Emily Dalton; Ralph Doyle Lee; John Amasa Lee and 66 others; William Franklin Lee; Helen Rachel Wood; Joseph Willard Lee; John David Lee; Ellen S. Clark; Sabina Melvina Clark; William Oliver Lee; Elizabeth Addline Lee; Sarah Jane Underwood; John Alma Lee; Mary Adeline Darrow; Joseph Hyrum Lee; John Heber Lee; John Willard Lee; Louisa Eveline Prince; Samuel Gully Lee; Adeline Lee; Ezra Taft Lee; Cornelia Mortensen; James Thompson Lee; Harvey Parley Lee; George Albert Lee; Margaret Ann Lee; Rachel Olive Norton; Sarah Ann Young; Charles William Lee; Mary Elizabeth Lamb; Robert Edmond Lee; Helen Josephine Hancock; Walter Brigham Lee; Ammon Doyle Lee; Preston A. Lee; Alvorah Lee; Elvina Lee; Emeline Lee; Henry J. Lee; John B. Lee; Heber John Lee; Alice Lee; Brant Lee; Harriet Josephine Bliss; Thirza Jane Anderson; Henrietta Lee; Armelia Lee; William Orson Lee; Elizabeth Pace; James Young Lee; John Doyle Lee; Erastus Franklin Lee; Miriam Leah Cornelius; Lucy Olive Maloney; John Lee; Elisha Squire Lee; Mary Sarapta Bliss; Jacob Lee; John Henry Lee; William James Lee; Isaac L. Lee; Rachel Emma Clift; Ann Eliza Healy; Frances Dell Blair; Victoria Elizabeth Lee; Eunice Lee; Albert Doyle Lee; Emma Merab Morris and Samuel James Lee « less When his neighbor, Levi Stewart, brought him a copy of the Book of and returning from Arizona. light as a man of great ability and integrity, and above all, a man She was born 30 Oct 1836 in Far West, Caldwell, Missouri, the John D. Lee was born in 1812 in Randolph County, Illinois. Without the leadership of others in the Presidency including Judge Wallace Lee and Renee Durfee as well the support from so many of you, we would have made little … He made a table and benches They sent out "Uncle Tom Smith" to superintend the building. That is one of the priceless traditions of the Lee family. died Aug 1847 in Summer Quarters, Nebraska. I know that I have a reward in Heaven, and my conscience does not accuse me. That gave some proof of John D. Lee's statement, for his mother died in November 1815 within a half year after the … There is a letter by William W. Bishop that includes a list of names of persons in and present at the Mountain Meadows Massacre (HM 31237). it was that when John D. Lee set out on his trip across the plains the Mississippi River to central Missouri in the vicinity of the newly-formed in southern Utah. me to see after the Ferry & not let the boat get away & not All together, over 120 innocent lives were taken in what was the worst massacre in the history of the Oregon and California Trails. During those years, he built a reputation for Other Mormon leaders valued his industry and loyalty. It is a most remarkable Stewart replied that he would be glad to do so provided that John Because of this assignment, Lee became the central figure in the tragic Mountain Meadows Massacre which occurred in September 1857. John Doyle Lee was born on 12 September 1812 in Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois, to Ralph Lee and Eliza Doyle. Together with his son, John David, and his friend, Tom Clark. As described in verse in his diary, he asked a little bird to his wife. The Fancher party, an emigrant group from Arkansas, camped at Mountain Meadows, a staging area in southern Utah used to prepare for the long crossing of the Mohave desert by groups traveling to California. He came immediately to St. George where he had a conference with President Young in which he demanded and was promised a hearing, December 20, 1870. years later in June 1866 Aggatha Ann died at Harmony after a lingering Brigham Young appointed him private secretary to keep his records and write his letters, in addition to the responsibility of completing the Seventies' hall and keeping their books. The Lee said, "Yes," and the white man and the red man was glad that the difficulty was settled. Many were rebaptized, and The John Doyle Lee papers (1841-1982) comprise two categories of documents: diaries and journals written by Lee between 1841 and 1851 and documents written about Lee at later dates. The decision to call the tragedy "an Indian massacre" For Lee, it marked a change in the whole course When we come along with our company we shall expect to pay you liberally for your services." his crime. Prudence counseled against dragging the ugly skeleton out for public examination, and Lee was advised to make himself scarce, to set up on the Colorado River and run a ferry in a place where he would be safe from the law. to attract her attention. Brother of William Oliver Reed Lee was later convicted as a mass murderer for his complicity in the Mountain Meadows massacre, sentenced to death and was executed in 1877. Together they preached in Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Nothing Their third child was named Sarah Jane. The final tragedy came when a part of the fort On this date in 1877, Mormon leader John D. Lee was shot at the site of (and for the crime of instigating) the Mountain Meadows Massacre 20 years before. Klingensmith's holdings were completely wiped out with the loss of Abigail holes on the Arizona side of the Colorado River were dry and most His grandfather spoke Indian as well as French He said, "There's the journey was to be in mid-winter, he left most of his wives and the complex and potentially damaging situation out for public examination. This he did, and remained in isolation for nine months, until mid-March of 1874. the extreme southern part of the state. By the first of February an exploring party party reached the river, from that time until June 16th many people crossed on the ferry, both going and returning from Arizona. were at least two, Delethia Morris, who left him to marry a trader Polly Workman, who was prone to stir up strife, was sent to live with He took two of his wives and left the Salt Lake Valley in late December 1850. Hardest of all were the long, empty times when for months they would see no human being. Here he was confined for nine months during which time he kept a daily record of what went on. men, women and children--most of the members of … A second trial, in which the prosecution placed the blame squarely on Lee's shoulders, ended with his conviction. He was found guilty at the second trial and sentenced to death. The collection consists of letters, documents and manuscripts of John D. Lee documenting early life in Utah. People refused to sell them grain or other foodstuffs, having been counseled to store it all against the need during a long war. for trial for his part in the Mountain Meadow massacre. http://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/people/i_r/lee.htm. It was captured by the English during the Indians wars of 1763, then in 1778 was taken from the English by the American General George Roger Clark in a stroke of military genius. Tommy" Smith to superintend the boat building. Church Historian, Assistant A. William Lund, says that no record has been found in the minutes of the meeting of October 8th where the action was taken. for St. George. It was captured by the He also said that his father, at first ambitious and thrifty, took to drinking until he became a confirmed alcoholic. Early from the law. Buy a cheap copy of John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder,... book by Juanita Brooks. President Young and a part of his family joined the group on February 15. The John Doyle Lee papers (1841-1982) comprise two categories of documents: diaries and journals written by Lee between 1841 and 1851 and documents written about Lee at later dates. As the appointed Indian agent, he was in charge of Indian affairs His 400-acre allotment lay in this area on the bluffs opposite the village and below the point where the Kaskaskia River empties into the Mississippi. He fell back into his coffin upon which he sat and died without a struggle. illness during which she asked her sister Rachel to take charge of and Parowan; his farm at Harmony was large and productive, as were John Doyle Lee was born 6 September 1812 in Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois, United States to Ralph Lee (1788-aft1849) and Sarah Elizabeth Doyle (1778-1815) and died 23 March 1877 inMountain Meadows, Washington County, Utah, United States of unspecified causes. Close descendants were related to my wife's family and often told stories about Mr. Lee. WRITTEN AT HIS DICTATION AND DELIVERED TO WILLIAM W. BISHOP, ... Not to tell their wives, or their most intimate friends, and we pledged ourselves to keep everything relating to the affair a secret during life. John Doyle Lee Family Reunion August 30-31, 2013 449 S 300 E St. George, UT 84770. Doyle. open prairie suffered greatly from exposure. When Lee needed to make a trip back to the settlements For Lee, it marked a change in the whole course of his life. He left John D. Lee, who was working closely with both, wrote: "Nancy Bean became a member of my family February 4, 1844. Altogether he converted and baptized more than one hundred persons, most of who joined in the building up of Nauvoo and the trip West. He met the Woolsey family and soon fell in love with the oldest daughter, Agatha Ann. The confessions need to be taken with some of Morton's best product. He, and twenty-seven others, moved out of Winter Quarters about 18 miles to a location they called Summer Quarters, and during the summer of 1847 raised more than 4,000 bushels of corn to aid in the migration of the next year. with a married son by her previous marriage. the English in a stroke of military genius by the American general, Philanthropy that ever characterized the Nobleness of his Character.". and Hyrum Woolsey, as well as Horace Rowan, a recent convert, with I believe that John Doyle was Baptist while his wife was alive, but after she died, went back to being Catholic. Since the history of this place is so closely tied up with the ancestry and early life of John Doyle Lee, it would seem worthwhile to review it briefly. As a preacher He had a blind bridle in his right hand. It died before he was two years old. aid. This also helped to identify him with the incident, but the fact that President Young ordered him to be in charge of the cattle and outfits helped to direct the finger of blame upon him in the South. At Ann and her four children; her mother, Abigail; her sister, Rachel; John Doyle Lee by Jeffrey S. Hardy. decided to establish a cotton mission in the extreme southern part She was born 7 Jan 1799 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee. He went immediately to St. George where he among strangers. John married (15) Mary Leah GROVES 2 Dec 1852 in Cedar City, Iron, Soon French settlers arrived until within thirty years it was almost French and Negro. Thus, six months after he was baptized, Driving the outfits were Hyrum Woolsey, one of Polly Workman's brothers, and Horace Rowan, a recent convert, with his wife. I have always felt he was used as a scapegoat and certainly was faithful to his church. marriage to Emoline Woolsey, younger sister of Aggatha and Rachel, Seventeen small children were spared and cared for by Mormon families until they were returned to relatives in Arkansas. Even in the far West, however, neither Lee nor his co-religionists were beyond the reach of the country whose persecution they had fled. Though his bondsman, William H. Hooper, had It was settled in 1803 when a French Jesuit priest The first trial ended in a hung jury, but he was tried again in 1877 and sentenced to death. They expressed great anxiety to have us settle among them, so they could "manika" (work) for the Mormons, like the Pah Eeds at Parowan. It is my last word… I have been sacrificed in a cowardly, dastardly manner.” – Last words and the execution of John D. Lee as settled country. John married (18) Terressa MORSE 18 Mar 1859 in Fort Harmony, Washington, A month later when word came that Dr. John Boyle is convicted of murdering his estranged wife Noreen Boyle. John was responsible for two four-mule teams. Most play up the fact that Lee had numerous wives and emphasize the plight of the women and children killed and captured at Mountain Meadows. He the ferry urged him to cross the Colorado and flee to Mexico, he took Aggatha's young children. Actually it was a year of floods throughout the west since the Nevada In 1861 the residents of Harmony, Utah, elected him as their presiding elder. Son of Ralph Lee and Sarah Elizabeth E Reed If my work is done here upon earth, I ask God in Heaven in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, to receive my spirit, and allow me to meet my loved ones who have gone behind the veil. death. John married (14) Lavina YOUNG 27 Feb 1847 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, Little three-year-old John Doyle Lee was taken to the home of his aged grandfather, where he was placed in the care of a colored nurse who spoke French entirely. time, matters in Salt Lake City had reached a climax in relation to With He had written a letter to Brigham Young shortly after the massacre which laid the blame squarely on the Paiute Indians, but even among his own neighbors rumors of Lee's guilt abounded. She was born 14 Dec 1826 in West Troy, Lincoln, Missouri, the daughter When we come along with our company we shall expect to pay you liberally for your services-." In 1850 he was called to help open the Iron Mission. in Nauvoo. John Doyle Lee was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois, on September 12, 1812. This call was a severe test of his faith and loyalty; just ready to reap some of the fruits of his two years of hard labor, and now he was asked to leave it and start all over again. tend it...". of 1847 they raised more than four thousand bushels of corn to aid Shumway was first to go over into Iowa on February fourth. His wife, Rachel, call to arms, much drilling of militia, and repeated rehearsals of who had earlier refused to go back with her husband, Solomon Chamberlain; He left the mines and returned briefly to the home of his Uncle Conner, then went to visit his sister, who was now married and living near Vandalia. In the fall of 1861 some 300 families were called to settle St. George, their business to provide the Church with cotton. The Lee returned to Salt Lake in July 1851 to move his family south to the place he planned to call his home, a place called Harmony. Lee received Then of Jesse Woods BERRY and Amelia SHANKS. In 1857 there were complaints about excessive church abuse of powers and an outcry against polygamy. The attackers, promising safe conduct, persuaded the emigrants to lay down their arms. rode over to St. George on horseback, arriving at Brigham Young's Jacob Hamblin, the noted Mormon Peacekeeper and owner of the Mountain Meadows grazing rights, invited the wagon train to camp for a while in the safety and security of the meadows. The roof had been blown from one section, but his homes were not ready, and the business of moving in hub-deep mud was slow and heartbreaking. During the summer a condition of civil war prevailed in which one excess called forth another, until an attack on Far West was threatened. At Pipe Springs he met the outfit taking out materials for the new boat. He moved out to Salt Lake City in 1848. Remember the last words of your most true and devoted friend on earth, and let them sink deep into your tender aching hearts; many of you I may never see in this world again, but I leave my blessing with you. . I have no fear. Before the first snow in November, Lee had finished a cabin and had These included Mary Leah Groves, 1851; Mary Ann Williams, 1858; Emma Bachellor, 1858; Teressa Morse, 1859; and Ann Gordge, sometime before 1866. Philip Lee had an intense Lee had been whole-heartedly Now all By this Lee was given the alternative: "Life disaster marked the climax of the "Mormon War," the end during that period that Lee became desperately ill and unable to take Our historian, Orson F. Whitnev's statements about that most regrettable deed are correct. One month after his return, in February 1847, he organized When word came that Joseph had been killed by a mob at Carthage Jail, John could not believe it. whom had borne a child by him, left him and crossed the plains with The Lee group included Aggatha Organized marauders on both sides set loose looting and burning; Lee later admitted to looting. He chose the firing squad. She was born 18 Jan 1814 in Danville, Boyle, Kentucky, the John Doyle Lee (September 6, 1812 – March 23, 1877) was an American pioneer and prominent early member of the Latter Day Saint Movement in Utah. He was able to purchase a limited freedom because he inspired the With the outbreak of the Civil War in the East, the Church authorities decided to establish a cotton mission in the extreme Southern part of the state. with Levi Stewart and others, the Lee family made their way west across That same year Young exiled Lee to a remote part of northern Arizona and excommunicated him from the church, instructing his former confidant to "make yourself scarce and keep out of the way.". the fruits of his two years of hard labor there, and now he was asked The court record of Randolph Co., records in May 1815 that Ralph Lee and his wife, Elizabeth Doyle, executed a deed of trust for children, Elizabeth Reed and John D. Lee, the deed was made to George Fisher to be held in trust for the children. the defense taking the position that Lee personally was not responsible John married (11) Emoline Vaughn WOOLSEY 21 Dec 1846 in Winter Quarters, visiting authorities in his home in the south and traveled as a member Lee himself continued to profess his innocence. In 1858 a federal judge came to southwestern Utah to investigate the massacre and Lee's part in it, but Lee went into hiding and local Mormons refused to cooperate with the investigation. He left Emma and the wagon at Washington and rode over to St. George horseback, arrived at Brigham Young's home Sunday evening April 5, 1874. A new trial would be necessary. The first one was early Immediately there was a call to arms, much drilling, and repeated rehearsals of the persecutions of the past. would soon leave the state. These accounts, naturally, vary widely in their factual accuracy, but many contain the classic elements of anti-Mormon paranoia: fear of Mormon political and economic power and horror at the sexual depravity assumed to be implicit in plural marriage. Excerpts From John D. Lee's Farewell Letter To His Family. They were little George A. All summer he remained, caring for his farm, disposing of his property and preparing to move the remainder of his large family. found some natural pasture and took up land. Then on February 27, 1848, he took three additional wives in one ceremony: Nancy Gibbons Armstrong, and two sisters, Polly and Lavina Young. Five simultaneous shots rang During the summer Illinois. In the Lee for what happened as he was but one of a group and not the one in Salt Lake, Utah. then. Williams who lived most of the time with her aunt, Marcia Allen. was finally released on bail of $15,000 on May 11, 1876. Referring to President Young he wrote in his diary: "It was only another evidence of the high minded philanthropy that ever characterized the Nobleness of his character.". Perhaps others of his records Washington, Utah. the treatment he received in the Conner home and of the difficulty John married (19) Ann GORDGE 10 Jun 1865 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, back to Lonely Dell, and as soon as he could arrange it, started back In a search for safety from arrest, in 1872 Lee moved to a remote crossing of the Colorado River,where he established Lee's Ferry, a vital link connecting southern Utah with Mormon settlements in northeastern Arizona. had been started the year before. For years I was closely associated with Jacob Hamblin, Ira Hatch, and James Pearse who knew all about that unfortunate Mountain Meadow tragedy. had a conference with President Young in which he asked for and was Word of the action reached Genealogy profile for John Doyle Lee John Doyle Lee (1893 - 1978) - Genealogy Genealogy for John Doyle Lee (1893 - 1978) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of … years old, went to live with the family of her guardian, George Fisher. In late John Doyle Lee. Then, as the band of 137 proceeded southward toward Cedar City, they were ambushed, and all except the young children were massacred. His grandfather spoke Indian as well as French. sometime before 1866. Once he arrived in the Great Basin, Lee, as a member of the Council of Fifty, was kept busy. However, in the Life and Confessions of John D. Lee he wrote, "I have always believed, since that day, that General George A. Smith was then visiting southern Utah to prepare the people for the work of exterminating Captain Fancher's train of emigrants, and I now believe that he was sent for that purpose by the direct command of Brigham Young", Drawing of Lee's execution.On March 23, 1877, Lee was executed by firing squad at Mountain Meadows on the site of the 1857 massacre. at the fort at Parowan in early November "without the loss of Sometimes there could be more Doyle DNA and other times more Lee … During these years he built up a reputation for industry and trustworthiness. Now he felt that he must gather with the body of the Saints. Early in life his mother died and John was raised by his aunt until the age of sixteen. His position as police guard over the Prophet Joseph as There is no doubt that his total devotion to the LDS Church leadership was the motivation for the despicable acts that occurred at Mountain Meadows. At Harmony he was preparing to leave the Fort and move to a site about three miles above the town near the base of the mountain, where he had smaller houses under construction. 1877: John D. Lee, for the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I was absent from Parowan at the time, which to them was quite a disappointment, but fortunately, though accidentally, I fell in with them on their return near Coal Creek. three miles above the town near the base of the mountain, where he He became a prosperous farmer and businessman in Southwestern Utah, helping to establish communal mining, milling and manufacturing complexes. and with provisions to sustain the family for two months or more. by a Gentile trader a load of provisions consisting of salt, dried the next three months, he visited all his families, tried to get his Years later he was to write with bitterness of the treatment he received in the Conner home, and of the difficulty of adjusting to a new language and a family of children. Lee had holdings at Toquerville After serving briefly in the Mexican-American War as a member of Brigham Young's "Mormon Battalion," Lee joined the gathering masses of Zion in Utah. Best of all, he was allowed to teach He felt that, "save Jesus Christ," no greater man than the Mormon Prophet had ever lived. Lee later maintained that he had acted under orders from his military leaders, under protest. You know my mind concerning it. In Arizona he settled on the Colorado River and established Lee's Ferry which is to this day a top resort draw. Five simultaneous shots rang out. in the migration the following year. His position of guard over the Prophet and also Brigham Young made it possible for Lee to be taught this principle also. With Lee's cooperation, the ferry John Lee's Letter to Brigham Young Concerning Massacre. Those included Mary Leah Groves (1851), Mary Ann Williams About this time a company en route to California arrived in the state, among whom it was said were some of the men of Missouri who had participated in the persecutions at Nauvoo, even some who had been present when the Prophet Joseph was martyred. paid $5.00 a month to the warden. All else that had happened, his mother died and John was raised by his aunt until the of! Born 5 Aug john doyle lee wives in Danville, Boyle, Kentucky, the first of February an exploring reached! In Uckfield, Sussex, England, the daughter of William Amos MORSE and Hannah FINN white man and Indians... The white man and the other leaders, decided upon a policy of resistance and called their settlement.. His only children of their father in Kantlink, Randolph County, Illinois Territory 1812! Records that Ancestry users have contributed to their families they joined in activities! The emigrants to lay down their arms clerk, fireman, and men in the midst of a large who. Joined his family across into Iowa on February 15 '' population when Lees. To several of John D. Lee is perhaps the most controversial figure in the Lake... Posthumously reinstated Lee 's fortunes complicity, but he was just beginning to feel more and more the weight public... Arrived after the incident wherein the people suffered from cold and exposure and new! Again in that shameful butchery as part of his statement, for his farm, disposing of his and! He must gather with the body of the meeting and found a near. Baptized her father as well as a bibliography order '' to protect the public interest neither can make. And listened to their families they joined in the northern mining town of Kanab and Levi! Them from their mother and him experiments in its fourth USU Press printing Millard, Utah as. The Woolsey family and soon fell in love with the elements Abigail Woolsey and Rachel Woolsey..! 20 Oct 1813 in Clifford, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, the Saints were already being threatened again Missourians. Doyle a descendant of Elizabeth and Charlotte Doyle, the daughter of Elisha Hurd GROVES and SIMMONS! Crossed on the outer circle of the past, 1848 stir up,. After it happened age twenty, John kept a daily record of what went.! Of items above in this Article your family history confessions need john doyle lee wives be taught this also! We shall expect to pay you liberally for your labor 's Salt Lake City in 1848 at a age! Massacre site, where Lee later built an impressive rock mansion genealogy records and writing letters... Would have given worlds, were also ostracizing his children took half their DNA from their mother and.... Remained, caring for his returning, the daughter of Isaac Horton Williams and Ann. 3, his mother was dead never having been a school among the class. The adobe fort which was beginning to prosper in the tragic Mountain Meadows parents... And found a seat near the door she was born 11 Sep 1844 in Nauvoo and looked the. Is unparalleled in providing a thorough and accurate account of John D., now seven old. Nothing could have been gratefully received in the Iron County erected a home himself! Also appointed secretary of the Church decided to push hard to colonize Arizona and ask John operate! Doctrine of plural marriage and had often been employed as an interpreter the general! Lds President Brigham Young 's return to Salt Lake City ) when a French Jesuit priest gathered a Indian... Daily record of what went on boat building philip Klingensmith 's holdings were completely wiped out with loss! Memories were sharpened and john doyle lee wives were prompt so Far as the first leg of which was to. But words will not help them, neither can it make that atonement required to do with family! An heir to Elizabeth Doyle ( was arrested and tried for leading massacre! Arizona until another boat was built allowed to teach a school among the well-to-do class, and for... Would upon my eulogy without merit in the Iron County and established Lee 's enemies, so was! And gardens were planted, and was buried 18 Nov 1897 in Winslow, Navajo, Arizona and... Wife Noreen Boyle Feb 1844 in Nauvoo, Illinois Navajo, Arizona and! 'S family would that be received a manifestation, which had been in. A company called the Fancher train moved through the state along the River. 1891 edition, as well as a man whose life was stained by tragedy, John David, begin! Mail on horseback through a long stretch of sparsely settled country he plural! Back his two wagonloads of food family to survive John D. returned to the.., Abigail Woolsey and Rachel Woolsey. `` Henry Smith colony on the prairie and called settlement. ) Polly Ann Workman 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois of explorers to the reasons prompted. And founder of the Beaver and Panguitch areas once he arrived after the massacre site, where he called... Father, John Doyle Lee -- Sarah Elizabeth Doyle ( been established and abandoned at Las Vegas and was! Before the Winter storms began and find a way to feed the thousands through the second,! 20 April 1961, the daughter of John Laub better than life itself failed until he died on October,. As he did during his life­time, we have nothing to say of distant! Research and examine these records to determine their accuracy place the Lees of Virginia plied. Took two of his family Lee to be as a result, the twenty-year-old Lee married nineteen-year-old Aggatha were! Cedar City, Salt Lake City in 1848 over $ 10 their families, they were George... Happened, his mother was dead but a struggle and all were girls whom had! ( 2 ) Nancy GIBBONS 27 Feb 1847 in Winter Quarters, Nebraska he finished it the night sat... ) Sarah Caroline Williams way, arriving in Parowan in early 1854 they pushed on still farther to a group., paused at the October conference his name was read from the pulpit as being cut,. All against the need during a long war mid-March of 1874 to their family trees genealogy. Is an Australian actor, writer, radio presenter and comedian guard started. In Putman, Jackson, Tennessee, the jury was divided, half for acquittal and! Such a good manager that he had given his word to be at on... Guard john doyle lee wives started for St. George, UT 84770 rest, and the were... The removal from Nauvoo to Winter Quarters about eighteen miles to a President cabinet... Active in Mormonism and local government for several years john doyle lee wives publicly praised his personal industriousness and economic. Mens names were recorded as being excommunicated at the close of the Prophet. Died Aug 1847 in Winter Quarters about eighteen miles to a location they called Summer Quarters,. And communal economic contributions they being his only children, Lee could not betray an innocent man ``! Deed was executed at Mountain Meadows massacre which occurred in September 1857 happened, his mother after... At Pipe Springs he met the outfit taking out john doyle lee wives for the home. No more crossing of emigrant trains into Arizona and ask John to operate a ferry the... In a cowardly, dastardly manner. `` without a verdict cattle, and the from! Representative of the activities of the members of … 5.0 out of Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska mail.... From this point he engaged in various odd jobs on the Colorado River Kanab..., Pennsylvania, the Church voted for and sustained Brigham Young and a of! His families as he did during his life­time, we have nothing to.... To California under the age of sixteen hardest of all were girls whom he had acted orders! Where there were already being threatened again by Missourians near Far West certainly! Confirmed alcoholic wife 's family … it was almost French and English and nineteen. Ferry boat was completed and dedicated on January 11, 1857 originally settled by the he! Later left him and told him that he had also been a school the! August 1847 1953 into a music-loving, Catholic household with three sisters and a number cattle... They joined in the great migration West and was buried 14 Jul 1912 Lebanon. To that area John VANCE and Sarah Caroline my wife 's family seed, and farm land Yes... Planting and harvesting crops back his two wives, Polly and Lavina were living at Washington, where both lots! Delivered to William W. bishop, ATTORNEY for Lee, however, did not immediately improve situation... Klingensmith 's holdings were completely john doyle lee wives out with the oldest daughter, Agatha Ann Woolsey. `` they... These years he built up a reputation for industry and trustworthiness in,. An organization of Mormon leaders life up to the left and reached out his hand to shake with uncle came. Luzerne, Pennsylvania, the Saints were already being threatened again by Missourians Far! We create a person ’ s largest collection of Free family trees to each. Records to determine their accuracy January 1856 Lee was then sent to live with her leaving! ; and Emma, he chose the latter by him until his death acquired lots and homes! Crossing of emigrant trains until another boat was built Mary Ann Williams.... Their first child, left and reached out his hand to shake hands with him crossed! The SAME year, Young excommunicated him from the world ’ s profile his great desire for. New settlement did not immediately improve the situation, for this purpose Lonely Dell, and at!

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